Legal Bases Promotion BRA Instagram #Nomásdramasenlacocina

“BRA”, national registered trademark No. 1,206,463 and international No. 537,291, currently owned by the company ISOGONA, SL, with registered office at (43800) Valls - Tarragona, Calle Basters No. 4, and with CIF B-60184843. Hereinafter "ISOGONA", organizes a promotion called "Instagram Contest #nomásdramasenlacocina" (hereinafter "the promotion") with the purpose of promoting the products that are marketed in BRA Isogona . The promotion will be governed by the following BASES:


The period for receiving entries in the promotion will begin on September 16, 2019 at the time of publication and will end on September 22, 2019 at 11:59 p.m., both inclusive.

Participants .

All persons residing in Spain (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and who are over 18 years of age may participate in the "Instagram Contest #nomásdramasenlacocina" promotion.

Mechanics of the promotion.

To participate in the promotion, users must:

  1. Upload a featured story mentioning the BRA brand (@cocinaconbra) plus the Hashtag #noMasdramasenlacocina.
  2. Telling about his drama in the kitchen and with the help of which influencer he would like to attend the showcooking that will take place with the Torres brothers.

Multiple entries per user will be accepted as long as the drama is different.

Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or manage in any way the promotions of Isogona, nor is it associated with any of them.


8 passes will be drawn to attend a show cooking with the brothers Javier and Sergio (The Torres brothers) by the influencer that the participant chooses.

The prize includes:

  1. Entrance to the Showcooking with the Torres brothers
  2. Round trip ticket in case of not residing in the town where the event takes place.

Allocation and delivery of the prize.

There will be a total of 8 winners and 16 reserves.

The contest will be held on September 23, 2019 through an internal jury that will assess the originality of each participant. And the winners will be announced on September 25.

Each of the 8 influencers will announce on their Instagram Stories who is the lucky one to attend the showcooking with them. The winner must contact BRA through a private Instagram message (@cocinaconbra) and provide their contact information.

If after 3 attempts it is not possible to contact the winner through the Instagram platform, it will be understood for all purposes that the winner renounces the prize, assigning the prize to the next corresponding finalist.

In the event that the prize cannot be awarded to the substitute finalist, this process will be repeated until the 8 substitutes selected with the Easypromos platform are exhausted.

The username with which the interested party participates will be used to send said participant any communication that may be necessary to communicate in relation to the promotion, including -if applicable- the designation of said participant as the winner.

The non-receipt by the winner of the messages addressed to him through the participation social network, whatever the cause, will exempt Isogona from any responsibility in this regard, and it will not have any obligation to use alternative means of notification. That is: Isogona will comply with its obligation in good faith by sending all communications through the social network in which the participant has participated, and the participant undertakes to periodically verify their profile.

Isogona reserves the right not to deliver the prize to a winner if it is proven that there has been fraud, manipulation, malicious activity or conduct.

Contents .

The participant must not include materials on our wall, whether they are texts or photographs that violate or are likely to violate morality, ethics, good taste or decorum, or that infringe, violate or violate intellectual or industrial property rights. , or the right to the own image of third parties, and we must warn you of the consequences and responsibilities that you may incur if you make an illegal or fraudulent use of them. Isogona will act immediately in the event of a complaint or suspicion that there may be infringements of intellectual property rights, violations of the right to one's own image of people who appear involuntarily or without their authorization on this page, or in the face of any content that may be considered inappropriate and will proceed to eliminate it immediately, being able to request the permanent blocking of the offending user.

Isogona declines all responsibility for the consequences that the voluntary, consented and deliberate display by the user of their texts, photographs or images and those of their family environment may entail for themselves, their family, friends and/or relatives, or other third parties, or the dissemination or exhibition of the same by you or by third parties, or its reproduction, including on other web pages, blogs, social networks or in any other means, support or modality of digital exploitation or not, online or offline. Therefore, the participant will respond directly, holding Isogona harmless, against any claim, complaint or demand from third parties in relation to the violation or infringement of the possible rights that may derive from the texts or materials that a user has published on our wall. .

The publication, exhibition or visualization of photographs, images or texts is not subject to any guarantee of confidentiality, or the right to privacy, as long as you decide, consciously and voluntarily, that they be public, so it will be accessible to any person. visit her.

Other rules of use.

Offensive comments, insults, threats, foul language, degrading content or disqualifications towards our products and services, brands, human team or other members of the community will not be accepted.

In the same way, advertising comments or comments about our competition, both explicit and covert, will be eliminated or restricted, since we consider that this is not the appropriate place to receive this type of information.

The Isogona team will ultimately have the power to delete any publication that, in its opinion, does not fit the types of content we want.

Causes of disqualification of a participant of the promotion . This promotion intends that the competition between the different participants be carried out with equal opportunities and with strict respect for the general principle of Good Faith. For this reason, Isogona will automatically and immediately exclude from it any participant who transgresses the rules of good faith. faith, observe a mendacious or inappropriate conduct, use fraudulent means or fail to comply with these bases in any of its extremes.

In any case, including but not limited to, and in what is applicable, any participant in the promotion will be excluded in the following cases:

  1. Use of ways, systems or devices to alter the voting system, such as the purchase of votes, or the automated introduction of data or codes. The mere suspicion that a participant is using any automated system for the massive or repetitive introduction of the data or codes necessary to participate in the promotion, will lead to the immediate exclusion of all his participations and will disqualify him from receiving any prize, without need to be communicated.
  2. Contribution of inaccurate, erroneous, mismatched or false personal data. The verification that a participant has provided inaccurate, altered or false personal data will disqualify him from receiving any prize, without it being necessary to notify him.
  3. Similarly, any anomaly attributable to a participant that prevents, alters or disturbs the normal development of the promotion, that affects or harms any other participant, that may falsify the participation data, compromises the security or reliability of the technical systems used for its development, or that contravenes, in any other way, these rules, will give Isogona the right to unilaterally and immediately exclude said participant and report the facts to the competent authorities.

In the event that any of the foregoing irregularities, or any others, are detected after the effective delivery of any of the prizes, Isogona reserves the right to exercise the pertinent legal actions against its author or person in charge, among others, those tending to their return.

Processing of Personal Data

The participants in the promotion unequivocally consent that, in the event of winning, their personal data (name and surname) may be communicated to third parties by means of dissemination through the means that Isogona deems most convenient.

The personal data requested from the winners will be processed solely to manage the promotion and, in particular, to deliver the prize, based on their consent when participating in the promotion. Once the prize has been awarded, we will delete your data from our systems. The person responsible for said data is ISOGONA, SL, and may give access to those responsible for processing this promotion and, if necessary, to public authorities.


The current regulations of the Personal Income Tax (hereinafter, IRPF) will apply to the prizes of this promotion, in terms of prizes that are delivered as a result of participation in games, contests, raffles or combinations random linked to the sale or promotion of goods or services.

In accordance with the foregoing, the prizes awarded are subject to income tax withholding or deposit as long as the value of the prize (including Value Added Tax) is greater than 300 Euros, so, where appropriate, it will correspond to the entity ISOGONA, SL the making of the payment on account or the practice of the appropriate withholding.

Likewise, the winning participant must sign in any case a document justifying receipt of the prize, upon receiving it and deliver a photocopy of their ID. The absence of any of said data will mean the loss of the right to the prize obtained.

Basis Acceptance. Participation in the promotion implies full acceptance of these rules and express submission of the interpretative decisions made by Isogona.

Isogona reserves the right to resolve, according to its interpretation, those aspects not contemplated in these bases.