We have a surprise for you.

Throughout the day we will publish 10 "Blackies" on our website: These are hidden products, which can be completely free for the first one to find them!

The products that we will publish are:

You will have to look for them in our store, in any of the sections. They will have their real PVP like all products, but in the product file you will find the instructions to receive a unit of that product totally free. Once the product has been sold, it will disappear from our store (we will notify you in our Instagram "Stories" that it has been sold).

Do you dare to participate?

To participate, follow our Instagram account, @cocinaconbra , and pay close attention to the "Stories" that we will publish throughout Friday, November 26. In those stories we will be announcing the "Blackies" products as we publish them.

We hope you find this game fun and we wish you all the luck in the world!

You can consult the legal bases here .