Learn to cook with the best chefs!

Do you want to improve your kitchen or learn new techniques with the best chefs of the moment? In collaboration with the Scoolinary cooking school, we are launching a promotion that you cannot miss:

Special February promotion: Place an order over 60 euros at cocinaconbra.com and you'll get an online cooking course worth up to 59.90 euros for free!


Deadline to place your order at cocinaconbra.com: February 21, 2022

Deadline to use the 59.90 euro voucher at Scoolinary: February 28, 2022

The operation is very simple: when placing an order over 60 euros we will give you access to a Scoolinary coupon. With this coupon you can choose the course you prefer on the Scoolinary website with a value of up to 59.90 euros. You can see all the courses available at Scoolinary on their website .

This promotion will only last for a limited time, as we have a reduced number of coupons. Also, you can only exchange the coupon until February 28. Place your order today to take advantage of it!

Promotion conditions:

- The courses will always be in Spanish and will be held online at Scoolinary. You will be able to access the videos and materials whenever you want and participate in the community forums for Scoolinary students.

- When you place an order over 60 euros in our store, we will inform you in the order confirmation email how to request your coupon for the free Scoolinary course.

- Once we send you the coupon, you only have to choose the course you want to take ( up to 59.90 euros) , register as a Scoolinary user and use the coupon to pay for the course ( you have until February 28, 2022 ) .

- Each coupon will give access to a free course of up to 59.90 euros. A coupon cannot be used to take more than one course.

If you have any additional questions or doubts about how the promotion works, you can write to us at tienda@cocinaconbra.com .

We hope you enjoy your free course very much!