How to use your pans, grills and pans to bake

Do you know that you don't need specific pastry molds to make a good cake? And surely you have a lot of utensils at home in which you can bake delicious cookies, make a quiche for dinner or prepare a fabulous cake for breakfast or snack? We are going to tell you how to get the most out of your pans, saucepans, grills and oven trays!

1. How to use my baking pans?

Most pans are meant to be used on the stove only, but there are some non-stick pans that can go in the oven. We are talking about pans with removable handles .

Removable handle pans are pans designed to (1) take up little space in the kitchen and (2) to be able to bake in them. Good examples of them are the Infinity pan or the Fast Click pan .

What pastries can you make in those pans? As they are suitable for the oven, you should think that instead of a pan you have a pastry mold (a 24cm pan is totally comparable to a 24cm mold, which is the most common). So, in that pan you can:

  • Make sponge cakes , as easy as pouring your dough into the pan and putting it in the oven (I leave you a recipe for chocolate and pumpkin sponge cake here , which although it has been made in a saucepan, you can do exactly the same in a 24cm pan)
  • Make quiches , putting your base of shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, introduce the filling and bake. If you want to see how, you can follow this recipe for quiche with figs and goat cheese. The pans offer the ideal side height for them, in fact.
  • Making cookies -Have you seen XL cookie recipes? Most likely, they were made in a pan: you prepare your cookie dough, put it in the pan, which already gives you that desired round shape, and bake it. Here 's a recipe, made in the Infinity pan.
  • Make tarte tatin -They are ideal for it! Since you do the first steps of making the caramel on the fire, then you put the filling in, put the dough on top and bake. When removing the cake, you will only have to put a plate on top and turn it over, as if it were an omelette. Here are a couple of delicious recipes.

Infinity frying pan

Things to keep in mind when making your cupcakes in non-stick pans:

  • Using the pans to make pastries offers the great advantage that you minimize the number of utensils in the kitchen, and you get even more out of the utensil that we use so much in the kitchen, the pans. That is why, in fact, the great success of the Infinity pans , they are pans for everything.
  • If you use quality nonstick pans, they don't even require you to butter them. The non-stick will do its job so you can unmold with ease. Despite this, many people are in the habit of buttering or coating the pan. You can do it without any problem, yes or yes you ensure a perfect unmolding.
  • If you prefer, you can put baking paper on top of the pan, before putting your doughs. With this you will ensure a perfect unmolding, but beyond that you will not even dirty the pan.
  • Remember not to cut directly in the pan - unmold your biscuits beforehand, to keep the nonstick intact.

2. Use pans for breads, biscuits and quiches

You can also use your pans to make pastries, as long as they are oven-safe. The idea is basically the same as the one explained with the pans: you have to stop thinking that you have a saucepan, and start thinking that you have a mold.

In the case of the BRA saucepans, they are all suitable for the oven, so all the saucepans that you will find here will be worth it to make your pastry preparations.

What to do in them? The low pans are perfect for making sponge cakes, shortcrust pastries and quiches , and also empanadas if you want to make them in a round format. The high pans are ideal for baking bread (although you can also make these in the low ones, in a smaller format).

Here are some recipes to help you get inspired:

Which saucepan to choose? Any saucepan with a good structure will help you to distribute the heat optimally, and a good non-stick will help you unmold without problems. All the saucepans in the store will meet your needs, but the most popular of BRA for these preparations and that you will see in many of these recipes are the Efficient low saucepan , the Advanced and the Infinity .

Low Efficient saucepan and Infinity saucepan.

The pans are fabulous pieces for your stews and roasts, choose the size that suits you best to get the most out of it in your day to day.

What advantages do you have when using a saucepan to make pastries?

  1. Normally we have large-sized pans and they offer you a higher side height than the pans, which allows us to make good-sized biscuits, quiches and dumplings.
  2. BRA saucepans are designed for uniform, rapid and optimal heat distribution . This characteristic gives them the virtue of baking your dough homogeneously and fabulously well.
  3. You can use if you want butter or apply baking paper in the pan before putting your masses; Thus, just by pulling the paper up, you will unmold without having to turn the pan and keeping your recipes with a presentation of ten.


3. Use racks and baking sheets

Did you know that oven racks are fabulous pans for baking your cakes and that there are some baking pans that really get the most out of the perfect baking they offer?

Yes, you can use the racks and oven trays to make rectangular cakes, XL-size pizzas, cereal bars or use it as a cookie and biscuit baking tray directly on them.

In this sense, the winner is the Efficient rectangular grill or the Infinity grill (the latter is also longer than usual, with which you have a large baking surface). They offer a very wide and smooth surface, apart from going to the fire, they are perfect grills for baking. So, from cookies to galettes to tarts , there are tons of recipes you can make in them!

Sweet recipes on a tray

Rectangular Efficient Grill and Infinity Grill

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of the roasting trays or those trays that are so ideal for making cannelloni and lasagna. They are still perfect molds in which to bake a cake, or use their base to bake your cookies. You will surely love the Gastronorm tray for this, or the Efficient tray , which is surprising because apart from using it as an oven tray, you will use it for the first steps of sealing your meats or as a grill because it is also suitable for fire.

What are the advantages of using baking racks and trays?

  • Its breadth of baking stands out especially: in them you can make a lot of cookies at the same time, or a pizza or a very wide shortcrust pastry cake.
  • The homogeneous distribution of heat is unquestionable, for this they are designed.
  • You avoid buying a specific tray for cookies or a rectangular mold for cakes, because you can do all of this on your grills and roasting trays, getting much more out of a utensil that we all need in the kitchen for so many other things, such as barbecues, roasts, cannelloni...

Gastronorm tray or Efficient tray

We encourage you to enter the Confectionery section of our blog, there you will find many more recipes to inspire you.

Low saucepan Efficient

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